The Bulletin of the American Historical Collection is a quarterly journal that is published by the AHC Foundation. It solicits and publishes articles on the period of Philippine- American history, whether personal or scholarly, and on other subjects that have some relevance to Philippine-US relations, such subjects to be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Bulletin was first published in 1972.

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Bulletin of the American Historical Collection Vol. 39 nos. 1&2
January-June 2011

(29 November 2012)

This double issued for 2011 features an article on Austin Craig, who was one of Jose Rizal's most dedicated biographers and rare photos from Craig's album. It also includes some fascinating notes and commentary by Mary Fee, who was an early Thomasite stationed on Panay. The issue has contributions on the early Filipino pensionados to America, the Manila Boat Club, and on the Peace Corps, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in the Philippines. The intervening pages offer book reviews, poem, and recipes, some new and some from the AHC Library archives.


Notes from the Editorial Board

About Austin Craig

Rizal in America by Dr. Francsico Villanueva, Jr.

An American Looks at Rizal by William J. Pomeroy

Was Rizal "Made in U.S.A"? by Othello H. Estareja

Introduction to the Thomasites in the Philippines

Poems by Thomasites

Unique Answers by Thomasites

A Woman's Impressions of the Philippines by Mary H. Fee

Recipes Galore

Education in the Philippines: The Pensionados by Frances H. Engel

The First Pensionados to the U.S.

How the Peace Corps Came to the Philippines in 1961 by Parker W. Borg

A Lifelong Adventure Launched by the Peace Corps by Karen Long Santos

The Peace Corps - 50 Years Later by Hans C. Groot, PhD

Americans at the Manila Boat Club by Stephen J. Banta

Neglected Americana on a Philippine Hillside by John Silva

Book Review by Jonathan Best

Bulletin of the American Historical Collection Vol. 38 no. 4
October-December 2010

(2 September 2011)

Oct-DecThis issue highlights two extremely fascinating real-life stories of American soldiers who fought and lived in the Philippines from 1898 to 1931. The soldiers shared personal experiences as they confront everyday life in Manila.

The first is an excerpt from Needom M. Freeman's firsthand accounts of his stay in the Philippines from 1898 to 1900. Freeman is a member of the 23rd US Infantry, Laredo, Texas. The second part features selected correspondence of Walter Mikesell to his sister while he was on tour of duty in the Philippines from 1899 until his last letter in 1911. The correspondence also showed the relentless effort to continously search for Walter who died in 1930. Mikesell joined the 41st US volunteer Infantry, Camp Meade, Pennsylvania.


A soldier in the Philippines: Needom M. Freeman (From first hand accounts of his stay in the Philippines, 1898-1900)

Dear Brother Walter (Losing touch with an ex-soldier brother in the Philippines: Selected correspondence of Rose and Walter Mikesell, 1899-1931, edited and with an introduction by Richard Meixsel)


Bulletin of the American Historical Collection Vol. 38 no. 3
July - September 2010

(1 September 2011)

Jul-Sepv 2011The third quarter issue of the Bulletin features a selection of speeches reports, and articles on trade and commerce in the early years of American occupation up to the post World War II.

In addition, profiles of prominent American businessmen in the Philippines from 1899 to 1925, such as, A.L. Ammen of Ammen Transportation Company and John R. Wilson of Agusan Coconut Development Corporation and the Visayan Refining Company, are presented to give readers an overview of the business climate in the first quarter of the 19th century.


Speech of Hon. Pablo Ocampo de Leon

American Commercial Concerns in the Philippine by Monroe Wooley

Prominent American Businessmen in the Philippines Gallery

Philippine Economic Problems by Dr. Frank A. Waring

Towards our Economic Survival by Hon. Cornelio Balmaceda

The Bell Report: The Economic Survey Mission to the Philippines

The Quirino-Foster Memorandum of Agreement


American Historical Collection Bulletin, April-June 2010
(15 December 2010)

This issue of the AHC Bulletin focuses on Philippine events that came in the wake of the Spanish-American War of 1898. The ten-week conflict ended in December 1898 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which awarded the United States territories overseas including the Philippine Islands.

This issue includes the “True Version of the Philippine Revolution” by Emilio Aguinaldo, Senator Chauncey M. Depew’s speech before the U.S. Senate in February 1900, and General Lawton’s work in the Philippines by Dean C. Worcester. Also included are the songs sung at dinners of the Military Order of the Carabao.


True version of the Philippine Revolution
by Don Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy

Speech of Hon. Chauncey Mitchell Depew

General Lawton's Work in the Philippines
by Dean Conant Worcester

Songs Sung in "Wallows" of the military Order of the Carabaos


American Historical Collection Bulletin January - March 2010 Volume 38. No. 1
(1 October 2010)

This issue of the AHC Bulletin focused on how the Americans campaign for health and sanitation after the Philippine-American War from 1898-1902 to prevent or contain tropical diseases and epidemics. It also features the wartime recollection of Eugene Arthur Perkins, a Santo Tomas intern, who is a prominent Manila resident and pre-war legal practitioner. Lastly, three books on the Pacific War experience by Americans residing in the Philippines were reviewed.


Cholera in Times of War by Gemma Cruz-Araneta

Sanitation in the Philippines by Victor G. Heiser, M.D., D.Sc.

Pages from the Diary of Eugene Arthur Perkins

Book reviews:

Guerilla Daughter by Larry Litchfield
Through My Mother ‘s Eyes by Sacha Weinzheimer Jansen
Child POW-A Memoir of Survival by Sacha Weinzheimer Jansen


American Historical Collection Bulletin October – December 2009, Volume 37 No. 4 (7 September 2010)

This issue has some fascinating articles covering the full span of American hegemony in the Philippines from the earliest days up through the final battles of World War II. (excerpts from Notes from the Editorial Board)


Christmas, 1898 – Soldier Style by Thomas M. Carter

Rizal in the American Congress by Vicente Albano Pacis

Mi Ultimo Adios -- My Last Farewell by Jose Rizal

The Progress of Public Works in the Philippine Islands by James W. Beardsley

Burnham Plan for Baguio Revisited by Crispina M. Reyes

Ordeal of Baguio during World War II by Oscar M. Lopez

Americans in the Philippines by ‘One of Them’


American Historical Collection Bulletin July – September 2009, Volume 37 No. 3 (17 February 2010)

The third issue of the 2009 “new” Bulletin has two foci: a “Massachusetts woman” and currency. The first focus brings us back to the turn of the century, when Helen Calista Wilson journeyed to the Philippines to investigate its situation for the Anti-Imperialist League. The second focus is currency—which could not be a more topical subject, given the flux we are currently in—a weakening dollar, and various currencies strengthening and weakening vis-à-vis each other. It is interesting to read these articles and determine what was true a century ago and what is still relevant today (excerpts from the Notes from the Editorial Board by Jill Gale de Villa)

To give you a preview of the Bulettin, listed below is the table of contents:

Notes from the Editorial Board by Jill Gale de Villa
That Massachusetts Woman—Helen Calista Wilson by Crispina M. Reyes
A Massachusetts Woman in the Philippines by Helen Calista Wilson
A Plan for Giving Stability to the Coinage System of the Philippines by Henry Allen Cooper
America’s Early Monetary Policies and Territorial Coins and Currencies by Saul Hofileña


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