Among ALIWW's collections are the the following prize exhibits
The Journals of Paz Marquez Benitez


The journals of Paz Marquez-Benitez are inscribed in two hard-bound volumes. The entries, written by hand in both pencil and ink, date from 1924 and extend for an as-yet undetermined number of years. Of special interest to iterary scholars are her notes on the tentative plot and setting of her short story, "Dead Stars." This story, eventually published in Philippine Herald in 1925, is today considered the first modern Filipino short story.

The Notebooks of Angela Manalang-Gloria

The notebooks of Angela Manalang-Gloria are actually grade school notebooks she appropriated from her young son during the 1930's. One of them contains drafts of poems, written in Manalang-Gloria's own hand, that were later published in the volume entitled Poems (1940). The sample page shown here is an early draft of "Revolt from Hymen," a poem in protest of marital rape, that reportedly caused the all-male jury to deny Manalang-Gloria a prize in the Commonwealth Literary Awards of 1940.






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