Lina Flor-Trinidad
(1914 - 1976)

Aired over radio station DZRH from 1949 to 1956, “Gulong ng Palad” is arguably the most successful daytime serial in the history of Philippine radio. Its author was Carolina Flores-Trinidad, professionally known as Lina Flor.

Already a radio talent, publicist, columnist and short story writer at the age of 21, Lina Flor’s drive seemed to know no bounds. She ventured into numerous areas from 1943 to 1976, writing in several genres for years at a time. Fictionist, radio and television scriptwriter, society columnist, essayist, biographer and even poet, this prolific and indefatigable writer reached millions of readers as well as radio and television audiences throughout the years.

She communicated with English audiences, using her gift for vivid and sympathetic description to write fiction, and to chronicle the lives of Manila’s elite through society columns and biographical features. She communicated with Tagalog audiences, exploring the world of family and domestic relationships in fiction, television situation comedies, and highly successful radio daytime serials. Literary scholar and critic Soledad S. Reyes wrote: “That she succeeded in being read and listened to in both languages is an achievement which remains unparalleled (no other female writer in English or Tagalog effected the shift with such style and ease), and which offers a clue to understanding her unique role in Philippine society and culture.”

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