Loreto Paras-Sulit
(b. 1908)

When Loreto Paras enrolled for the education degree at the University of the Philippines, she promptly became a charter member of the UP Writers Club in 1927. Her stories earned her the admiration of peers, including Jose Garcia Villa who later identified her as his “idol” during those years.

Decades later, in response to a request from ALIWW, Paras-Sulit donated a typescript entitled “All About Me.” It is a brief autobiographical narrative that promptly begins with a disclaimer about her birthdate: “For many years my birthday was listed as Dec. 10, 1908.” Then, Paras-Sulit proceeds to tell how a pious 4th-grade teacher changed her name from Loreta to Loreto Paras. The writing dates back to February 1945, when she first took it up, and extends to her retirement from the Philippine National Red Cross, of which she was the first woman Secretary General.

“All About Me” attests to the undiminished verve in Paras-Sulit’s storytelling. Brief and poignant, the narrative captures precious scenes from a girlhood devoted to fairy tales, her U.P. working-student days, and various portraits as a young bride, a mother of eight coping with the death of her favorite child, and, as her devotion to the Philippine National Red Cross affirms, a tireless public servant all her life.


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