The Ateneo Library of Women's Writings (ALIWW) is an archival facility, constituting a special collection, within the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University. The principal mission of ALIWW is the collection of writings by and about Filipino women in all areas, for the purpose of promoting their circulation among contemporary readers, as well as preserving these for posterity.

Collection of Materials
Print Texts and Photographs
ALIWW identifies and locates materials from both public and private collections. These include published materials (posters, playbills, invitations, programs, reviews), as well as unpublished ones (holographs, manuscripts, transcripts of interviews), personal papers (diaries, letters), as well as photographs. Materials donated to ALIWW are processed, catalogued and classified by professional librarians and are eventually preserved through microfiche or other electronic means.

Oral Texts
ALIWW conducts interviews with artists and writers, and records events such as poetry readings, drama presentations, and professorial lectures.

Publicity and Promotion of Materials
ALIWW sets up both permanent and occasional exhibits, featuring new acquisitions.

ALIWW sponsors regular and special events to publicize materials in its collection. These events take the form of professorial lectures, symposia, live performances and book launchings.

Research and Publications
ALIWW assists in the undertaking of research projects and the publication of material relevant to its collections.

ALIWW as a Regional Research Center
The ALIWW, as the first of its kind in the Philippines, hopes to become a regional research center for gender studies, promoting comparative studies, and facilitating cross-cultural exchange among various women's studies programs in the ASEAN region and throughout the world.

Ateneo Library of
Women's Writings





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