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YBP provides books and supporting collection management and technical services to libraries around the world.  It provides comprehensive approval plans, flexible notification/slip plans, strong continuation services, and the first web-based bibliographic information databaser, GOBI.
Contact Information:  YBP Library Services
                                       999 Maple Street
                                      Contoocook, NH 03229, USA
                                       Phone:  +1 603 7463102
                                       Fax: +1 603 7465628
                                       Email: sales@ybp.com

EBSCO Information Services is a worldwide leader in providing information access and management solutions through print and electronic journal subscription services, research database development and production, online access to more than 100 databases and thousands of e-journals, and e-commerce books procurement.  2004 marks EBSCO's 60th year of serving the library and business communities.
Contact Information:  Joseph Halos
                                       Country Manager, Philippines
                                       Phone:  +632 8422787
                                       Fax: +632 8072832
                                       Email: jhalos@epnet.com
                                       URL: http://www.epnet.com

Ambassador Book Services, Inc. is now celebrating its 30th anniversary as a premier provider of print and non-print materials to college, university, school, corporate, public, government and medical libraries throughout the world.  Ambassador supplies the complete book and publication requirements of schools, libraries and other educational institutions in over thirty countries.
Contact Information:  Ambassador Book Service, Inc.
                                       Ambassador Media
                                       42 Chasner Street
                                       Hempstead, New York 11550,  
                                       Phone:  +1 516 4894011 
                                                    +1 800 4318913
                                       Fax: +1 516 4895661
                                       Email: ambassador@absbook.com

Swets Information Services is the primier outsourcing and facilitating partner for the acquisition, access and management of scholarly, business and professional information.  We are the essential link between 60,000 providers and 65,000 librarians, purchasers and end users.
Contact Information:  Swets Information Services
                                       Heereweg 347 B
                                       2161 CA Lisse, P.O. Box 830
                                       2160 SZ Lisse 
                                       The Netherlands
                                       Phone:  +31 (0) 252 435111
                                                     +31 (0) 252 415888
                                       Email: info@nl.swets.com