Opening Remarks
by Dr. Benilda S. Santos
Dean, School of Humanities
Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University















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Mrs. Lourdes David, Director of the Rizal Library, the other officials and librarians of the Rizal Library, librarians from all over the country who are here to join us in this first ever national conference for librarians, guest lecturers, teachers, friends, and all lovers and caretakers of books: a very pleasant morning and a warm welcome to all of you!

As Dean of the School of Humanities, a teacher of Filipino literature, and a lover of books myself, I know how significant this conference is and how far reaching its effects will be in your practice as professional librarians as well as for those among you who are beginner librarians.  For us university professors, this conference has the distinctive importance of being assured of the installation of vigorous and vigilant acquisition practices, updated and more efficient delivery of daily library services, and an overall growth in library planning and management in both he short-term and long-term view.

More than any other member of the community of teachers, scholars and sundry learners, you, my dear librarians have a deep understanding of your crucial role in the life of a university.  Where would we, professors,  be without books, and where would books be if there weren't efficient librarians who not only take very good care of these books but also strategize and arrange their presentation and preservation in a house we call the library.  Indeed, civilization as we know it now would be impossible without efficient and militant armies of librarians safeguarding and monitoring the deployment of thousand of books, and in our time, their most valued companions, the periodicals.  I quote the intellectual Anatole France to underline your significance in the march of intellectual life, "The only exact knowledge is, is the knowledge of the date of publication and the format of books." There you are: you are the bearers of exact knowledge, and as such, we count you as our most worthy companions to the noble task of educating the young...and the old alike.

We welcome you, then, at the Loyola Schools in the Ateneo de Manila University Campus.  This beautiful, sprawling campus is all yours now that classes are done.  Consider this your home, at least for the duration of the conference.

Once again, my warmest welcome to all of you, and may the wisdom of St. Ignatius guide you all through the conference and beyond.