Developing a National Digital Cultural Heritage Repository Center for Malaysia: Issues and Challenges


By Dr. Yushiana Mansor

The Vietnam Archive & the Virtual Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University: Collecting, Preserving & Providing Access to Historical Resources in the Digital Age


By Mr. Stephen Maxner

Adaptive Re-Use Building at Historical District

By Arch. Nurtati Soewarno

A Conservation and Maintenance Plan for the Architectural Heritage of Batanes

Archival and Records Management Towards Organizational Goals: Accountability and Ethical Issues

Preservation, Conservation & Access Project at the National Library, Singapore

Access, Ownership and Copyright Issues in Preserving and Managing Cultural Heritage Resources

Digital Initiatives in Archival Preservation

Blurring the Boundaries: Trends in Museums, Heritage Centers, Libraries and Archives in the New Millennium


Changing Library Buildings and Organization: Automated Storage System in Japanese Libraries

Traveling Through Time: Preserving the Past for the Future

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