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Periodicals Currently Included in the CIPPA
ADZJ Ateneo de Zamboanga Journal
Ad Veritatem Ad Veritatem 
Agelink Agelink Philippines
Ageways Ageways Philippines
Agham Agham (DLSU Journal of Science)
Aghamtao Aghamtao
AHAJ Animal Husbandry & Agricultural Journal
Anuaryo Anuaryo/Annales
APER The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher
APSSR Asia-Pacific Social Science Review
ASBR Ateneo Student Business Review  
Asia M Asia Magazine
Asian M The Asian Manager
Asian Migrant Asian Migrant
Asian Stud Asian Studies
B & E B & E De La Salle University Business & Economic Review
B Bases Background on the Bases
Bikolnon Bikolnon
Boletin Ec Fil Boletin Eclesiastico de Filipinas
Budhi Budhi
Bul AHC Bulletin of the American Historical Collection
Bulawan Bulawan (Journal of Philippine Arts and Culture)
Bus Daily (N) Business Daily (Newspaper)
Bus Envi Business and Environment
Bus Eye Business Eye
Bus Star (N) Business Star (Newspaper)
Bus World (N) Business World (Newspaper)
Canopy I Canopy International
Catholic Digest Catholic Digest  
CDF Concern for Disabled Filipinos
Colloq M Colloquia Manilana
Com Habitat Community & Habitat
Comm Communicate
Dansalan Dansalan Quarterly
Dev Mag Dev Magazine
Dialogue Dialogue
Dil Rev Diliman Review
Dip Post Diplomatic Post
Diwa Diwa
DLSU GJ DLSU Graduate Journal
EAP Rev East Asian Pastoral review
Edukasyon Edukasyon
Ethos T Ethos Today
FAPE Bul FAPE Bulletin
FAPE Enq FAPE Enquirer
FAPE Rev FAPE Review
FEUJ Far Eastern University Journal
Filipinas Filipinas
Filipino Filipino Magazine
Gibon Gibon (Ateneo de Naga Univ. Journal)
Hapag Hapag: A journal of Interdisciplinary Theological Research
Haribon Haribon
Health M Health and Home
Hingowa Hingowa
Historical Bull Historical Bulletin
Homelife Home Life
HR Forum Human Rights Forum
Hum Dil Humanities Diliman
i : Inv Rep Mag i the Investigative Reporting Magazine
Ibon Ibon Facts & Figures
Impact Impact
Infocus  Infocus
Innotech J Innotech Journal
Intersec Intersect
Intl Pop International Popular Culture
J ResDev Journal of Research Development 
J Week Journal Weekender
JMS Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies
Jour History Journal of History
JP Rev Justice & Peace Review
JPhilDev Journal of Philippine Development
Karunungan Karunungan: A Journal of Philosophy
Kasarin Kasarinlan
Kasaysayan Kasaysayan
Kinaad Kinaadman
Kultura Kultura
Lagda Lagda
Laya Laya
Life Tod Life Today
Likhaan Likhaan
LS Rev: JGSOM Loyola Schools Review: John Gokongwei School of Management
LS Rev: Sch Hum Loyola Schools Review: School of Humanities
LS Rev: Sch Sc Eng Loyola Schools Review: School of Science & Engineering
LS Rev: Sch Soc Sc Loyola Schools Review: School of Sciences
M & M Mr & Ms
M & M Sp Mr & Ms Special Edition
Malay Malay
Malaya (N) Malaya (Newspaper)
Manpower Manpower Profile 
MB (N) Manila Bulletin (Newspaper)
MBC Eco MBC Economic Papers
MC (N) Manila Chronicle (Newspaper)
Media Wat Media Watch
Metro M Metro Magazine
Min Forum Mindanao Forum
Mirror Weekly Mirror Weekly
Misc Miscellaneous
Mla Inc Manila Inc.
Mod  Mod
MS (N) Manila Standard (Newspaper)
MT (N) Manila Times (Newspaper)
MT Sup Manila Times Supplement
Muse Muse
Natl Mid National Midweek
NB Rev National Book Review
NC (N) New Chronicle (formerly Manila Chronicle)
Newsbreak Newsbreak
Panorama Philippine Panorama
Pantas Pantas
Parents Parents
Patmos Patmos
PC World PC World
PCDigest PC Digest
PDI (N) Philippine Daily Inquirer (Newspaper)
Pelikula Pelikula
Pen & Ink  Pen & Ink
Pers Perspective
PFP Philippines Free Press
PG Philippine Graphic
Phil Ag Philippine Agenda
Phil Bus Philippine Business
Phil Cur Philippine Current
Phil Dev Philippine Development
Phil Dev F Philippine Development Forum 
Phil Eco Philippine Economic Journal
Phil Emp Philippine Employer 
Phil J Lin Philippine Journal of Linguistics
Phil J Rev Philippine Journalism Review
Phil Mag Philippine Magazine
Phil Pol Philippine Political Update
Phil Pop Rev Philippine Population Review
Phil Rev Eco Philippine Review of Economics
Phil S (N) Philippine Star (Newspaper)
Phil Sacra Philippiniana Sacra
Phil Sc The Philippine Scientist
Phil Stud Philippine Studies
Phil SW Philippine Star Week
Phil SWd Philippine Star Weekend 
Phil Tech J Philippine Technology Journal
Phil Val Philippine Values Digest
PHRM Philippine Human Rights Monitor
PHRU Philippine Human Rights Updates
PJ (N) Philippine Journal (Newspaper)
PJ Dev Com Philippine Journal of Development Communication
PJ Psy Philippine Journal of Psychology
PJDD Philippine Journal on Diplomacy and Development
PJE Philippine Journal of Education
PJLIR Philippine Journal of Labor & Industrial Relations
PJLT Philippine Journal of Language Teaching
PJM Philippine Journal Magazine
PJPA Philippine Journal of Public Administration
PJPC Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology
PJSc Philippine Journal of Science
Plaridel Plaridel
PNF Philippine News and Features
Pol Brief Political Brief
Politik Politik
P'pinas Pilipinas
PPM Philippine Political Monitor
PPS Philippine Politics and Society
PPSJ Philippine Political Science Journal
PQCS Philippine Quarterly of Culture & Society
Praxis Praxis
PRE Philippine Review of Economics
PREB Philippine Review of Economics & Business
Psicom Psicom
PSR Philippine Sociological Review
PSSR Philippine Social Sciences Review
PTJ (N) Philippine Times Journal (Newspaper)
Public Pol  Public Policy
Pulso Pulso
Q Teacher Quality Teacher
Recent Eco Ind Recent Economic Indicators
RelStuJ Religious Studies Journal
Rural Dev Rural Development Studies 
RWS Review of Women's Studies
Sarilak Sarilakas Grassroots and Development
Sc Asia Science Asia
Scientia Scientia
Silliman J Silliman Journal
Sm Bus Small Business Entrepreneurs
Smart File Smart File
Solidari Solidarity
SSDil Social Science Diliman
SSI Social Science Information
SSRev Social Science Review
Staff Memos Staff Memos
STM Sunday Times Magazine
Sulyap Kul Sulyap Kultura
Sun Glob Sunday Globe
Sun Inq Sunday Inquirer Magazine
Sun Jour Sunday Journal
Sun StarWk Sun Starweekend
Synergia Synergia
Taipan Taipan
Tambara Tambara
Teen Mag Teen Magazine
Today (N) Today (Newspaper)
Tomas Tomas
Trend F Trend Focus
Trend M Trend Monitor
Trend R Trend Register
Ugnayan Ugnayan
Unitas Unitas
UPLB Journal UP Los Banos Journal
UST JouGR UST Journal of Graduate Research
W Agri Weekly Agribusiness
WHC Women's Home Companion
WJ Women's Journal
Wom in Act Women in Action
WorldBul World Bulletin