Cataloging Section

2/F Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108 Philippines

Tel. (632) 426-6001 local 5804

Unit Libraries that are served

1.)Library materials for the different section of the Rizal Library processed in the Cataloging Section.

  • General Collections
  • Art Book Collection
  • Rereference Collection
  • Theses Collection
  • Filipiniana Collection
  • Special Collection
  • Microform Collection
  • American Historical Collection
  • MMR

2. Cataloging: Descriptive Cataloging and subject Cataloging

  • To insure uniformity in the bibliographical and physical description of a book, the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed. (AACR2) are followed.
  • In the assignment of subject headings for every title, the Library of Congress Subject Headings (latest edition) is consulted and applied accordingly.

3. Classifications

The Library of Congress Classification Schemes (LCCS) are used in the organization of materials.

4. Searching and Searching Tools

  • The Library Database, the Shelf-List Catalog and the Author/Title Catalog are consulted to identify which titles are added copies or of different editions of the same title as well as to determine the access point of these titles and the form of entry for authors who already have entries in the union card catalogs.

5. Original Cataloging

  • A new title that is not found in the LC Marc database BiblioFile Cataloging, in the Marcfiche in the OPACs abroad via the INTERNET, and in the NUC is cataloged originally by the catalogers. This is usually the case with Filipiniana titles and other foreign materials.

6. Card Preparation

  • Only shelf-list cards are printed for the Rizal Library

7. Filing Catalog Cards

  • The A.L.A. Rules for Filing Catalog Cards (latest edition) are followed when filing catalog cards.

8. Barcoding

  • To ensure speed and accuracy in reading item and patron data into Circulation and to speed up library inventory work, a clerk sticks a barcode label on every item in the library collection including Rerefence books.

9. Labelling of Books

  • To facilitate systematic arrangement and location of books in the library shelves, book labels are glued and iron on the lower part of the spine of the book.

10. Delivery of Processed Books to the Different Sections of the Rizal Library

  • New books for all the different units of the Rizal Library are delivered ...

B. Special Policies

1. On Processing Reference books

  • Reference books can be as: encyclopedias, dictionaries, or year-books used to obtain specific information quickly or they can be other materials such as: theses, maps, atlases, etc. All reference books are restricted to room use only.

2. Processing of Ateneo Graduate School Theses

  • Theses accepted by the Ateneo Graduate School are classified as monographic series with a common call number and shelved in the Filipiniana Section.

3. Processing Art Book Collection

  • An art book is placed in the Art Book Collection of the Rizal Library housed in the Reference Section...

4. Processing Filipiniana Titles

  • The term Filipiniana includes works about or relating to the Philippines written by Filipinos, and/or foreign authors

5. Processing of Microform Materials

  • Microform materials are initially cataloged by the original cataloger and revised by the head cataloger.

6. Processing Special Collection Materials